Allies And Memory Box
Theatre & Dance
Accessible Performances
World Premiere

Tickets for tonight’s performance available on the door at venue.

Green Light Dance Company launches this new double-bill of contemporary dance showcasing the work of two Belfast-based choreographers, Suzannah McCreight and BIAF Artist-In-Residence Helen Hall, along with specially written music by Nick Boyle.

Allies by Suzannah McCreight is a trio about brotherly support and the search for courage in the face of uncertainty. Inspired by recent events in Ukraine where strangers quickly became comrades, the piece contrasts uniformity with togetherness and explores the inner struggle of seeking security whilst inwardly ‘lost in the woods’. 

Memory Box by Helen Hall invites us to share in the experience of discovering memories. What would be in your box of memories? …A trip to the beach, the sound of laughter, or the touch of a loved one…? This solo seeks to unravel how memory is felt and held in the body and how it makes us move.

This event will feature audio description. Our access services are made possible by the generous support of the Halifax Foundation.


  • Choreographers: Suzannah McCreight and Helen Hall.
  • Music by Nick Boyle
  • Dancers: Adam Ashford, Rosie Mullin, Sean O’Neill
  • Photography by Lauren Martin ©