Punk Music Tour 2
Talks & Ideas

Following on from previous years we have again teamed up with the Northern Ireland Tourist Guide Association to bring you a series of cultural and interesting walking tours. The best way to explore the city is by foot and, with highly knowledgeable professional guides leading the way, you’ll experience a whole other side to Belfast.

Learn about the story of punk music in Belfast, a City where punk   meant more and is an important part of our music history.  Hear what the Good vibrations record shop and label set up in the late 1970s achieved.  Explore 70’s punk site and listen to well-known tracks by our ‘70s bands including Stiff Little Fingers, the Outcasts and Rudi.  You will also be introduced to the collectives down the years that kep punk alive and well in the City and hear tracks by some of the City’s current strong punk bands.