Ex Isles

Ex-Isles is the avant-pop project of composers Pete Devlin and Jamie Thompson (ADJUNCT Ensemble, James Joys). Ex-Isles’ startlingly beautiful protest songs marry the fringe-pop sensibilities of David Sylvian, Scott Walker and late-era Bowie, with their own unique take on songwriting and production.

Their self-produced debut album Luxury Mass was released in 2018. A record about borders, thresholds, and solidarity with the displaced, it earned critical acclaim across the UK and Ireland. 

In 2019 the pair produced second album Domestic Sacraments (released Autumn 2023) with Dave Lynch at Echo Zoo Studios, Eastbourne. It further expanded their sound into full band territory, replete with strings, backing singers, saxophones, and Echo Zoo Studio’s enviable collection of rare synthesisers. The result is an album of singular lyrical and compositional ambition. It is a beautiful and scathing piece of work, and a vital retort to the issues of the day. 

This album launch will feature the full band, and luscious, highly-charged music that stays with the listener, long after the night ends.  

Children can attend if accompanied by an adult.

One of the strongest debuts from an Irish act…Masterfully nuanced and politically-minded expansive chamber pop

The Thin Air