From The Quiet Man To The Quiet Girl
IN-visible ID-entities

A celebration of Irish film music, and the role played by music in telling the great stories of Irish cinema over the past 100 years at Belfast’s iconic Strand Arts Centre. 

Join top award-winning composers from the Screen Composers Guild of Ireland and host Hugh Odling-Smee (Film Hub NI) as they explore seminal Irish films, and how their scores reflected the culture of the day. Featuring the music of Stephen Rennicks, John Williams, Mark Gordon, James Horner, Sarah Lynch, Elmer Bernstein, Cater Burwell, Van Morrison, Henry Mancini, Hannah Peel and Glen Hansard. 

The literary backgrounds of films such as Cal (Bernard McLaverty), The Field (John B Keane) and An Cailín Ciúin (Claire Keegan) are explored, with live piano, violin and vocal performances interspersed throughout. 

Featuring performances from soloists Michelle Baird (Soprano), Daryl Simpson (Tenor) and Frank Gallagher (Violin).

Looking for tickets for tonight’s event? Tickets available on the door at the venue.