UK & Ireland Premiere

A free publication available from the following arts and community venues across the city.

  1. Lyric Theatre
  2. Crescent Arts Centre
  3. QFT
  4. Strand Arts Theatre
  5. An Culturlann
  6. Belfast Central Library
  7. The Black Box
  8. Ulster University, Belfast School of Art (Student’s Union)
  9. Ulster Bank (Donegal Sq Branch)
  10. Ormeau Rd Library
  11. Ulster Hall
  12. Ulster Bank Antrim Rd
  13. Fall’s Road Library
  14. Hazelwood Integrated College
  15. Crumlin Rd Gaol

What is offered to us as travelers or observers as we pass through unknown places? What meaning can we assign to brief and constantly changing images through the windows of trains, buses and cars? How do we relate to our co-travelers, and do we see the same things as they do?

The artists sum up their own personal experience of travelling across Europe and meeting people and seeing places from other cultures.

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Co-Produced by POGON – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth and Intercult