Emma Berkery
Visual Arts
IN-visible ID-entities 4

Making Space to Soar is a collection of new and recent paintings by contemporary visual artist Emma Berkery. The collection of abstract paintings, evocative of inner and outer landscapes, challenge us to think more deeply about our lives, who we are and what we believe.

Using abstract visual language, Berkery processes and repackages the human lived experience and our responses to who we are, our environment, and the social and political landscapes that surround us.

Speaking about the colour symbolism within her work, Emma offered this insight:

“Colour is powerfully evocative and speaks directly to our emotions. In this series of work, I have drawn on the symbolism of colour within the writings of Clarissa Pinkola Estés, a Jungian psychoanalyst. Black features often in my paintings…it symbolises that the light will come, that truths hidden will become clear, it is both a refuge and a shadow. White, creates the promise of new beginnings, that voids will be filled, that the soul can be nourished. Other colours also feature and each viewer will bring their own associations, which adds to the richness of the interpretations of the paintings.”

  • Special ‘Meet the Artist’ launch event Saturday 8 October from 10am-4pm