Poetry Lab
Talks & Ideas

Poetry where it belongs – everywhere, for everybody.

Experiment (11am – 5.30pm)

Developed with Ulster Touring Opera and for a newly commissioned poem – ‘The Luminous City’ by Moyra Donaldson.

Join in (11am – 1pm)

Create part of our large-scale textile installation of the starling murmuration with costume designer Una Hickey

Enjoy (4.30pm – 5.30pm)

  • 30 Oct – Ulster Touring Opera (Poland/NI)
  • 31 Oct – Arco String Quartet & poet Moyra Donaldson (NI)
  • 1 Nov – Una Lee (South Korea/NI) sonic artist
  • 2 Nov – Beyond Skin, musicians and poets from the new international communities in Northern Ireland.
  • 3 Nov – Composer Keith Acheson, conducts a choral performance.