Taroo And The Cabinent Of Curatrocities
Theatre & Dance

A double bill of street circus for the whole family! 

Taroo is a Parkour and circus comedy show telling stories from streets all over the world. A fusion of acrobatics, Chinese pole and urban street moves – a show that is not all that it seems. Performed and created by Moroccan circus artist Said Mouhssine – a free runner, stage director, actor and stuntman – expect Mouhssine’s distinctive brand of circus comedy and Parkour movement.

Step right up, and prepare to avert your eyes! Hold your breath, hold your tongue, hold your nose… Baubo Theatre’s world-famous Cabinet of Curatrocities is in town. Delight in lost relics and treasures from the far-off reaches of the world, the likes of which have never been seen on the streets of your fair city.