Faye Driscoll, Thank You For Coming Dress rehearsal
NY Season
UK & Ireland Premiere

Thank You For Coming is a series of works in which Driscoll extends the sphere of influence of performance to create communal space where the co-emergent social moment is questioned, heightened and palpable. Through each distinct iteration Driscoll is asking, ‘How do we perceive ourselves as participants of reality, and through performance can we collectively create a new vision of society?’

Driscoll takes audiences on a joyous and intriguingly wild ride in the first work of her new series in Thank You For Coming: Attendance.

Attendance is a cleverly crafted and playfully choreographic  exploration that softens the lines between spectator and participant with the invitation to the audience to join an impromptu 75-minute community. Presented in an ingeniously immersive setting, performers pass through ever morphing states of distorted familiarity, building new bodies, new stories and new ways of being.

Driscoll is fascinating in that she makes such utterly original work. It doesn't look like anything you've seen before, nor can you imagine thinking it up.

New York Times