Work Txt
Theatre & Dance
NI Premiere

work.txt is a show performed entirely by the audience about the gig economy, financial instability and bullsh*t jobs.

Hate your job? Come work for us.

This is a show about work.

But the worker isn’t here, so it’s down to you.

You’ll clock in at the beginning.

You’ll get short breaks at regular intervals.

You’ll work in a team, and under your own initiative.

You will be your own boss.

You will be free.

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Credits –

  • Eve Allin (Producer)
  • Emily Davis (Producer)
  • Harry Halliday (Technical Production
  • Danny Vavrećka (Lighting Designer)
  • Tom Foskett-Barnes (Music and Sound Design)

Photography by Alex Brenner

As we stack up our yellow blocks just to see them get knocked down again, think: yes, we can build them back better! Things can always be made better if they’re meaningful and worthy of our labour and our attention

The Guardian

Brilliantly conceived and highly original

The Scotsman

work.txt is for people who enjoy karaoke, who loved The Office, and who have a knack for cringe moments. It's for those who hate their boss, who are a boss, and for those who are ondering what they are doing with their lives at work.

The Skinny