Chivalry Is Dead

When knights in shining armour no longer have maidens to rescue, kings to fight for, lands to defend or holy quests to pursue what is a knight do with himself when in the end he is only a man in armour and nothing more?

Alex Deutinger and Alexander Gottfarb explore this question though interpretive movement while wearing full medieval body armour in “Chivalry is Dead”.

Firstly I must give credit to both Deutinger and Gottfarb who did wear the full body armour throughout the 45 minute performance.

We open with 2 knights slowly coming to life. Progressing to practicing manoeuvres, gaining energy until they are enthusiastic and ready to go, dominating the space around them.

However without a quest they are left in limbo.

What to do with all the will in the world with no demand for its usage.

Deutinger and Gottfarb performance is energetic and throughout the energy displayed entertaining. The armour and choreography are used to produce their own rhythmic sound effects which added to mood and visualization.

Eventually their energy is depleted and wounded. Lastly their will fails at the realisation of their redundancy as they slowly exit stripping their armour as they move towards an unknown future.

Overall this was a thought provoking performance which left the audience questioning the role of chivalry in our current society.

Ulster Bank Arts Ambassador, Lee Ann Ferran