DOING IT. Photographer Ana Viotti. Image of the earth taken from space, displayed as stage backdrop. In middle foreground, a man dressed in a maroon coloured hoodie looks at the large image of the earth. in the bottom left and right corners, a laptop displays the same image. The laptop sits on a desk, along with a white chair
Theatre & Dance
UK & Ireland Premiere

In this immersive, unique, online experience actor and director Pedro Penim confesses a secret passion that takes him very far across the sea of the Internet. An innocent and obscure addiction that he never revealed before: his “island collection”.

Pedro has been researching, collecting and systematizing information about several uninhabited or remote islands for a long time and this piece intends to stage a discourse that gives some clues about this interest in isolation, evasion and in the demarcation of space.

In DOING IT, Pedro brings audiences into the mind of someone who is constantly seeking and makes us think about our own obsessions. What do we do in secret on our computers when no one sees us? A compelling new work reflecting the isolationist times that we live in …

DOING IT is a project created within the Portuguese edition of the Mis Documents conference, curated by Lola Arias at Teatro do Bairro Alto – TBA, Lisbon – February 2020.

Photo credit: Ana Viotti