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Visual Arts

The RUA Annual Exhibition is one of the most eagerly anticipated exhibitions in the Northern Irish cultural calendar, providing a unique platform for acclaimed artists and emerging talent to showcase their artwork in the fabulous galleries at the *Ulster Museum (closed as of 16/10/2020 at 5pm).  It is also a chance for the public to engage with a fully democratic, free admission exhibition.

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The exhibition contains approximately 250 examples of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video etc. This year there were almost 1,300 entries of which 190 were ultimately selected for inclusion. Some of the works reflect the times we are living in and allude to isolation, social distancing and surviving in Covid times.  Other works share deep messages with hope, humour, passion and integrity.

In its 139th year, the RUA has faced a grim challenge in the form of the Coronavirus pandemic. There were moments when it seemed like the exhibition might be cancelled but resilience and determination won.

*As of 5pm Friday 16 October, the Ulster Museum is closed for a planned 4 week period in response to recent public health guidelines from the NI Executive. If you’ve booked tickets to visit the exhibition, The Ulster Museum will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

The exhibition can be experienced online, bringing art to people wherever they are. View online on RUA website